A Little Bit Johnny Cash
A little bit Johnny Cash, a little bit Bob Dylan makes for good music when it comes to “Desperation” and that's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to describing the music of Dan Browning. “Desperation” is the type of music that isn't often heard nowadays when it comes to the topic. There is no love, riches or even a silver lining when it comes to the theme and lyrics presented by Browning. An emotive song, Browning at times speaks in first person, taking on a character who is going through struggles and is at the point of being desperate such as the talented college student who has found themselves working at Starbucks if only for the benefits. Unfortunately, they will be working to the end of days just to pay off their college loans. While some might see the song as nothing but doom and gloom you can still appreciate The Beatles meets The Eagles sound with crisp acoustic guitars and Browning's strong vocals.
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"Bitter Winds" Released 1/10/16

My new single, "Bitter Winds" was released yesterday on GooglePlay and Amazon.  Recorded at Macrosound Studios in Springfield, New Jersey,  it's an acoustic rock piece about reaching out from a place of loneliness to find love.  That's me on the lead vocal and rhythm guitar, Ezra Pace on drums and percussion, Anthony Priori on lead guitar and background vocals, and Denny Gallagher on bass.  

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